Klaas for Ellis

UK based Ellis Crane Hire has taken delivery of a six tonne Klaas K1003RSX aluminium boomed truck crane.

The K1003RSX features a four section 31 metre main boom, topped by a four section 18.5 metre jib/upper boom for a maximum tip height of 53 metres. It can take 350kg out to a radius of 44 metres 1,000kg to 30 metres with a height of 24 metres or to a height of 49 metres and a radius of up to 15 metres.

The crane is mounted on a two axle Volvo chassis, weighs 22 tonnes and can travel at a constant 56mph. The company first saw the crane in 2018 but were finally persuaded by a series of demonstrations that showed how the crane could outperform larger All Terrain cranes on specific applications.
Ellis Crane Hire’s new Klaas K1003RSX

Simon Ellis of Ellis Crane said: “We were persuaded by some in depth demonstrations, firstly at Kranlyfts’ premises to see it lifting 500kg to 32 meters radius with all the boom and luffer telescoped out, but the outriggers set to their minimum position. Secondly we carried out a live demonstration, a full C.P.A. Contract Lift to place 500kg steels at 34 metres over a private house for a customer."

"The site, size and layout of the customer’s house would have required a minimum 60 tonne All terrain with an off-set fly jib at 20 degrees. Not only did the Klaas K1003, partially rigged on the front riggers, easily reach the radius, we boomed down to six metre past the required point, but the operator - in this instance, me - controlled the lift in full view of the landing position. All under the watchful eye of Simon Marnock from Kranlyft UK, on hand to ensure that any queries we had were answered and give us a bit of confidence on what became our inaugural job.”
Demonstrating its potential

"I like to see first hand what our machinery is capable of and was really impressed with its minimal tail swing, lightweight axle loadings and outrigger pressures, infinitely variable outrigger positions and a whopping 53 metre lift height. Set up time is quick, the main boom derricks up to 90 degrees leaving the luffing boom to be deployed easily and with minimal space required. Remote control operation is a different way of working for us, but as with other innovations from various manufacturers, I have found you have to think outside the box to find the sites where it shines. We have found with variable outriggers for example, the possibilities are almost endless, and we have won work because of it. On the road travel is comfortable, effortless and efficient and with a cruising speed of 56mph a broader area of work is easily achievable.”
At the handover (L-R) Simon Ellis, Andy Marnock of Kranlyft and Bill Ellis


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