Liebherr to shut Ehingen

Liebherr has been obliged to shut down production at its Ehingen Mobile crane plant due to major challenges in its supply chain.

As a result the company will close the plant for two weeks from Friday April 3rd to Monday 20th April which includes the Easter holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday. The company confirmed the closure following a request from Vertikal.net and a reference to the closure in the local press.

The plant shut down is, says the company, entirely due to the fact that parts and components are not flowing in smoothly enough from various suppliers, due to mandated factory closures in Italy, France and other areas, along with transport delays across European borders. The company says that it has plenty of work and a solid order book, while it has already adopted safe working practices at the plant that allow it to remain open.
The Ehingen assembly lines

In a statement the company said: "We will close down production and production related areas in calendar weeks 15 and 16 at the Liebherr plant in Ehingen. This is not a precautionary measure on our part, but due to a supply chain that is no longer functioning reliably. Due to many border closures and delays in the international movement of goods, as well as the discontinuation of production by suppliers in Italy, France or Switzerland, the supply chain on the supplier side is increasingly collapsing. This simply means that we are running out of material for the production of the cranes."

It goes on to say: "We have already taken numerous precautionary measures in recent weeks, with the aim of ensuring that our employees are protected to the same extent as in their private lives. To this end, we have sought advice from external hygiene experts, for example for the canteen. There, for example, we have already been offering ‘lunch to go’ for a week. Wherever possible, we have made spatial separations in order to implement the minimum distance. We also ensure that childcare is available for employees with children."

A spokesman added: “We have a high backlog level, with most of the annual production already sold to customers and so far, have not seen any major drops in orders or cancellations. However, due to the international situation, deliveries to customers are definitely being delayed.”


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