1,600t/m Huisman for Penta-Ocean

Japanese offshore construction company Penta-Ocean Construction has ordered a 1,600 tonne/metre Huisman leg encircling crane for offshore wind turbine installation in Japan.

Installed on a jack-up vessel being built by Singapore shipbuilder Pax Ocean, the crane will be used to install 12MW wind turbines, generators and monopile foundations off the coast of Japan. The crane will be built at the Huisman production facility in Xiamen, China, with delivery of the jack-up vessel scheduled for 2022.

Timon Ligterink, Huisman sales manager, said: “We are honoured to have been selected to deliver a second offshore crane to Penta-Ocean Construction. It shows a sign of confidence for which we are very grateful. Also, it shows Japan’s commitment to the future of its own offshore wind industry which will be taking off in the following years. We look forward to work with Penta-Ocean Construction and Pax-Ocean Engineering to make this project into a great success.”
The 1,600 tonne/metre Huisman crane will be used for offshore wind turbine installations off the coast of Japan

Pax-Ocean newbuilding and conversion managing director, Bian Lixin, added: “Pax-Ocean will build a jack-up vessel for Penta-Ocean Construction. This project brings us a great opportunity to cooperate with Huisman to provide a 1,600 metre/tonne leg encircling crane for the vessel. We believe Huisman will successfully deliver the crane with their expertise and extensive experiences. We firmly believe that Pax-Ocean and Huisman will have more opportunities for cooperation in the future and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two businesses.”

This order follows the delivery of an 800 tonne/metre crane for Penta-Ocean’s CP8001 in 2018 and will be the third Huisman crane working on wind turbine installation in Japan.

Note: For those not familiar with the term leg encircling crane - the crane is built around one of the legs of the jack-up barge/vessel - see: Leg encircling cranes


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