Skyjack boom upgrade

Skyjack has announced dual platform capacities and control upgrades to its 40/45 and 60/66ft telescopic boom lifts.

The upgraded models will carry the ‘+’ suffix to differentiate them and will include a maximum platform capacity of 454kg available at full height, but with a restricted outreach, or 272kg at maximum horizontal outreach - along with a three people rating. Other features include an improved control system which is said to work better with Skyjack’s Elevate telematics programme and the usual Skyjack features. The SJ40T+ and SJ60T+ will only be sold in the Americas, while the 45T+ and 66T+ will be available globally.

The SJ45T+ can take the 454kg platform capacity out to around 10 metres outreach or 300kg to its maxim outreach of 12.1 metres, while the machine has a total weight of 7,100kg. The SJ66T+ takes its 454kg maximum capacity out to around 14 metres, while the maximum outreach is 17.4 metres with 272kg.
The new Skyjack SJ66T+

When a load over 272kg reaches the edge of the restricted/ high capacity zone, an amber light shows up and if the operator continues the telescope or lower the boom the functions will stop and the only choice remaining is to retract or elevate the boom back into the safe zone. The same amber light also illuminates when the machine is overloaded in the unrestricted capacity zone with functions locked until the weight is removed. The emergency lowering system remains active in both cases.
the new controller with dual zone overload indicator

Product manager Corey Connolly said: “We have gone one step further with these new booms. Having a range with increased capacities together means that operators are able to complete tasks more efficiently across all kinds of applications.”

“Adding dual capacities to the majority of booms was largely modelled after the success of the SJ85 AJ, which has been received with much acclaim since its launch. It was also important that when adding these new features to our booms that we also maintained the features which have been long associated with Skyjack,”


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