Name removed from Colston Hall

An electric powered boom lift was in use yesterday morning to remove the Colston name from the Bristol, UK, concert hall named after the now infamous 18th century slave trader. The platform used for the job was a Snorkel A38E belonging to local rental company Alide Hire Services.

The venue which is managed by the Bristol Music Trust was originally opened in 1867 but has been closed since June 2018 for a £49 million redevelopment.
It will reopen next year with a new name, which is due to be announced early in the new year. The decision to rename the building was taken at least two years ago, following a public consultation in which 4,000 people took part. Its removal, however, follows the Black Lives demonstrations in the city last week that led to a group of people pulling down the statue of Edward Colston which they then dumped into the harbour. It has since been recovered and taken away.


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