Six Liebherr 125K for Dumbergers

German construction company Dumberger Bauunternehmung has taken delivery of the first three of six Liebherr 125 K self-erecting tower cranes from local dealer Nagel Baumaschinen Augsburg.

The 125 K has a maximum capacity of eight tonnes, which it can handle at a radius of up to 16 metres at a height of 35 metres, or eight metres radius at 55 metres height. Maximum radius on the horizontal jib tip is 55 metres at a height of 41.4 metres, at which it can handle 1.3 tonnes. The jib also luffs to 30 degrees above horizontal to provide a maximum hook height of 65.5 metres at which point it can lift 1,000kg at a radius of 47.3 metres.

The first crane delivered went straight out on a job lifting prefabricated concrete sections in to place on a site for 34 new apartments being constructed in Langweid am Lech, near Augsburg.
(One of Dumberger's new 125 Ks on its first job near Augsburg
The cranes have been ordered with Liebherr’s LiTRAX modular axle system to allow them to be transported using a semi-trailer or truck/trailer combination.

Founded in 1945, Dumberger is a third generation family owned construction company which operates throughout Augsburg. The new cranes join a fleet which also includes 10 units of Liebherr’s 81 K self-erecting tower cranes and a 70 tonne LTM 1070-4 All Terrain crane.


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