Fatal tree incident

A man using a truck mounted platform died on Monday while removing a tree in Coudersport, Northern Pennsylvania.

photos - Coudersport Fire Department.

The man, Lance Newton, 50, a local school teacher and owner of Newton Boys Tree Service was removing the top of a pine tree in the Eulalia Cemetery, in the town, when, according to the local Fire Department, it broke away suddenly and pulled over the anchor limb, striking the boom of the company’s bucket truck from which he was working, catapulting Newton from the platform and causing it to overturn. He died as a result of a blunt force trauma after hitting the ground.
The top section of the tree struck the boom causing the overturn

Newton was a retired US army major, who taught health and physical education classes as well as running his tree removal business. The incident occurred directly over the road from the town’s volunteer fire department.


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