110t Tadano for AP Auto und Kranservice

German rental company AP Auto und Kranservice has taken delivery of a new 100 tonne Tadano ATF 100G-4 All Terrain crane.

The new four axle crane has 51 metre main boom topped by an 18 metre bi-fold swingaway extension. Features include a second winch, remote controls, a variable outriggers set up system, and a dozen different counterweight configurations. With an overall length of 13 metres and travel width of 2.75 metres it also makes for a good 100 tonne taxi crane.
The new crane hand over

Managing director, Ulrich Peter, said: “The ATF 100G-4 was of interest to us for many reasons. First and foremost, we wanted a crane that didn’t have a risk of malfunctions. This is why we introduced this 100 tonner to the fleet to replace a rival model. Another reason was that many cranes have so called ‘ears’. That means that the counterweight extends past the body of the vehicle and increases the slew radius as a result. Much of our work is in areas where every centimetre counts. Thirdly, the new Tadano counterweight has 12 different variations which makes us flexible. Depending on the requirements, we can decide what kind of crane ballast and counterweight the 100 tonner uses. Within the maximum axle load of 12 tonnes, of course with six tonnes plus 18 metres the double folding extension. This way, we can save on transport costs. The two engine concept with its low fuel consumption is also a big advantage."

Ulrich Peter founded Autohaus Peter in 1988, the company expanded into towing, recovery and the crane services. Today the company runs six cranes and employs 15 staff in two locations - Simmern and Alzey . The ATF 100G-4 will primarily be used for installing cellars, erecting steel structures and assembling pre-cast concrete buildings.
(\(L-R\) Alexander Buckkosu, Rolf Bast, Udo Herrmann, Dieter Lützenberger, Kevin Peter of AP Auto und Kranservice. with Frank Brachtendorf of Tadano


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