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Jekko reveals the SPX650

Jekko has launched the new five tonne, battery powered SPX650 telescopic spider crane that it announced in May.

The following are a few of the details announced at its presentation, along with a good selection of the first proper photographs of the new machine. More details will be available for the spider crane feature in the September issue of our Cranes & Access publication.
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The company has taken a good deal of care with the design and look of the new model which shows. The new model fits into the Jekko line between the recently launched 3.2 tonne SPX532 and eight tonne SPX1280, and incorporates all of the innovations from those two machines and more. It is powered by a custom designed and built 48 volt lithium-ion battery pack with on board charger, which takes nine hours to recharge on a domestic 230 volt plug, but can also work while it is being recharged. Charging with a remote 400 volt high power charger only takes three hours from empty to full.
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The SPX650 has a maximum tip height of 23.5 metres

The SPX650, is rated at two metres and features a five section 15.4 metre synchronised full power main boom and is equipped with a 5.9 metre four section hydraulic luffing jib, while a new short two tonne jib is also available. The maximum tip height with the jib installed is 23.5 metres at which it can handle 800kg. The maximum radius with the jib is 20 metres where it has a capacity of 150kg. The crane can also pick & carry smaller loads. The jib stows on board below the boom and within the superstructure frame, with the hook in placed and already rigged. When needed the jib slides out and can be pinned to the boom and hydraulics connected for very easy mounting. Or it can be removed from the machine completely.
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The jib stows fully rigged under the boom within the superstructure frame

The SPX650 also includes the new variable outrigger set up system with automatic sensing and load chart calculation, that was launched on the SPX1280. The beam & jack outriggers are operated from the remote controller and swing out from the chassis into an X configuration and feature three section extension beams, the base and two telescopic sections. The maximum outrigger footprint is 4.5 by 4.5 metres, while the most compact set up is 2.9 by 2.9 metres. The angle of the beams and the amount of beam extension is completely variable to maximise the footprint within the space available. Once set the actual footprint is monitored and a load chart calculated to suit.
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The remote controls are used for all functions

The overall stowed width over the tracks is 980mm, but they extend hydraulically to 1.38 metres for a more stable base on site. The new crane also uses the new Danfoss hydraulic system from the SPX1280 with fully simultaneous operation of up to four functions.

The following video demonstrates it here: