Snorkel and instant upright resolution

US based aerial lift manufacturer Snorkel and Irish lift and tower manufacturer Instant Upright have resolved their dispute over the use of the UpRight brand - see: Snorkel sues Instant UpRight.

The case grew out of the fact that Instant launched a line of Chinese produced micro scissor lifts in 2019, branding them as UpRight machines and painting them UpRight blue - see: UpRight scissor lifts are back.
Instant UpRight unveiled a line of push around and self propelled scissor lifts under the UpRight brand in mid 2019

The jointly agreed resolution recognises Instant Upright’s ownership of the UpRight trade mark, but the Irish company has also agreed that Snorkel Europe will retain the exclusive right to use the UpRight brand in the powered access market.

Whilst the exact terms of the resolution are confidential, the two parties have confirmed that deal ends the ongoing legal dispute before the Irish High Court.


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