New controls for Hy-Brid Lifts

Low level scissor lift manufacturer Custom Equipment has introduced new CANbus ‘Intelligent Controls’ on its Hy-Brid Pro Series models, replacing its hard wired controls.

Features include a diagnostics display, indoor/outdoor selection and movement controls which include an enable button that automatically deactivates the controls when not in use. The panel also includes a display screen that indicates battery charge level, percentage of load in the platform and hours on the machine. It will also show warnings such as platform overload and tilt angle. Operators can cycle through the diagnostic display with the easy to identify information button. Active load sensing helps the operator avoid an overload situation by informing them how close they are to maximum capacity.
The new controller with readout

Chief executive Terry Dolan said: “Many lift manufacturers are making the switch from hard wired controls, but ours takes it to the next level. We listened to customers and learned what controls and options would make their jobs easier. Then we implemented those elements to make the most intuitive controls possible. Customers told us that they want to see the percentage of weight capacity in the platform. Competitive units will give a fault code, but don’t indicate how much weight has caused the issue. It could be a matter of raising the lift up, transferring something off a shelf into the lift, and then receiving a fault code. It could be five or 50 pounds. Our system makes it easy to identify so they can efficiently accomplish their jobs.”

“An operator who has overloaded the machine might think it is not functioning properly,” said Dolan. “If they are not familiar with the new technology, they might call the rental company and request a service call. By educating customers and rental centres, they can avoid these situations and costly service calls.”


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