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46 Nanos for GSV

Danish rental company GSV has taken delivery of 46 JLG/Power Towers Nano SP self-propelled low level work platforms from local distributor Lissner.

Weighing 500kg, the Nano SP offers a working height of up to 4.5 metres, a platform capacity of 200kg and a 500mm roll-out extension taking its metre long platform to 1.5 metres. The company said the order was a reaction to rising demand for more flexible and manoeuvrable platforms from applications such as shopping centres, supermarkets, retail shops, warehouses and commercial construction fit outs.
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GSV has taken delivery of 46 Nano SP low level platforms

Based in Hedehusene - on Zealand - with a further 21 locations throughout Denmark, GSV is one of the country’s largest rental companies and offers a wide range of construction equipment including a large number of aerial work platforms, mast climbers, telehandlers, mini cranes and glazing robots.