Skyjack to unveil micro scissors

Its day three of Skyjack’s Skyworld event and today it will unveil two all new micro scissor lifts.

The two new models - which are in essence a single model but with two variants - are the 13ft indoor/outdoor SJ3013 for North America and the 14ft indoor SJ3014 for Europe and other CE markets. The difference is purely the controlled lift height – although the SJ3014 stows slightly higher than the SJ3013.
The SJ3014 Micro

The new models are built for Skyjack by Chinese manufacturer Mantall, and therefore feature rear wheel DC brushless electric wheel motor drive, rather then the front wheel electric drive mechanism on Skyjack's new SJ20. Demand for direct electric drive is growing rapidly as end users and rental companies look for increased duty cycle capacity between recharges. The new micros have 25 percent gradeability, fully proportional drive and lift controls, and a simple drive line. The 24 volt battery pack is made up of two 12 volt maintenance free AGM batteries which are located to the rear of a single large slide out machinery drawer that pulls out from the side of the chassis. The SJ3013 has two smaller trays which pull out from each side.
The machinery and battery drawer

The 760mm by 1.28 metre platform extends to just under 1.8 metres with the 510mm roll out deck extension out. Offering a platform capacity of 240kg, both machines are rated for two people indoors, while the SJ3013 has a one person outdoor rating.
The SJ3013 Micro

The units have an overall width of 760mm and a length of 1.49 metres, although this can probably be reduced to around 1.3 metres with the bolted step removed. The SJ3013 has an overall closed height of 2.02 metres – just enough to squeak through a standard 80 inch high American doorframe, without folding the guardrails. The SJ3014 however is 2.05 metres high, so will not pass through a standard two metre high European door frame. Once the guardrails are folded down the height is reduced to 1.59 metres. Overall weight of both models is just 820kg.
The extended platform is almost 1.8 metres long and extends to the full 760mm machine width

Product manager Kristopher Schmidt said: “The demands the European market prioritised increased height over a wind rated machine. So, the SJ3014 boasts a 14ft platform height with a working height of 6.4 metres. In North America, the demand for a wind rated machine was greater, so platform and working height were reduced to accommodate that with the ANSI standards in the form of the SJ3013. This has a platform height of 13ft, working height of 19ft and is wind rated for one person.”

“We have thought about the best way to introduce a micro scissor lift to our product line up for some time now. The micro combines some features from our DC scissor lifts, including our new EcoTray leak containment system, and the versatility that comes with a wind rating that increases fleet flexibility and electric drive that provides improved duty cycles. Commonalities across both standards include variable speed rear wheel electric drive.”

President Ken McDougall added: “Our micro scissors stand as somewhat of a milestone product for Skyjack,” explains Skyjack. It’s our first time of stepping into the micro scissor category and we are heading in with not one, but two models specifically designed with their respective regions in mind.
We have had a few models on site to test with some customers since the fourth quarter of 2020 and they have been well received.”

So how do the new machines stack up?

In a word exceptionally well. The 14ft is the highest among the main competitors whose offerings tend to be 13ft for all regions. The Skyjack is lighter, has a better platform capacity than most and a wider deck. The rear wheel electric drive is shame, but it does reduce complexity, as long as the motors are coordinated to assist 90 degree turns and not fight them. Most, if not all, of the 13 to 15ft micro scissor lifts are built in China, and Mantall has experience in building such machines for US based GMG, which is very specification and innovation driven, and will inevitably have helped the Chinese company improve its own products - whether GMG wanted to or not. The SJ3014 is available now in Europe, while the SJ3013 Anis model will be ready to ship at the end of June.

The video below includes a walk around for the SJ3014 if you prefer feet and inches the SJ3013 video is below this one.


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