New IPAF course goes live

IPAF has launched its new Site Assessment for MEWP Selection training course this week.

The new course provides information to attendees on how to perform a thorough site assessment and selection of the correct aerial work platform for the job. The new course was officially inaugurated this week in the UK & Ireland, and will almost certainly be extended to other regions at a later date.

The half day theory only course is aimed at:
- Rental company employees who need to determine which type of platform a customer client should rent for their specific work;
- Health & safety staff who need to assess the suitability of the platforms being used for any given task within their company or on a particular project;
- Anyone who simply wishes to gain the confidence and knowledge to empower them to make their own decisions about the type of work platform to deploy on any given job.

In order to be eligible to take the course, candidates must hold a valid operator PAL Card, or have the IPAF ‘MEWPs for Managers’ qualification. The course can be taken by attending a participating IPAF approved training centre, or entirely online via the association’s eLearning programme.

To book a place on either an in person or online course, candidates simply book with a convenient or preferred IPAF training centre. A list of which can be found at: www.ipaf.org/en-gb/training-centres.


This course is a proactive step in the right direction to reduce accidents. We sometimes see the wrong application of equipment to a job. I have wondered if it was because that’s all the rental company had to offer at the time or because the worker(s) were not familiar with equipment features and capabilities.

Apr 3, 2021
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