Telehandler loading overturn

A 360 degree telehandler overturned while being loaded onto a low loader in Montceau les Mines, central France, last Wednesday injuring the operator.

The Manitou telehandler rented from Riwal was being collected from the site on Wednesday evening at the premises of citrus fruit market Abis Agrumes, where it had been helping erect the steelwork for a new covered market hall. It seems that the telehandler had almost made it up the ramps onto the trailer when the wheels began to slip causing one of them to go off the edge of the trailer or ramp, resulting in the whole machine falling off onto its side. The operator struck his head against the cab skylight or side window and was taken to the local hospital after receiving assistance on site. We understand that he was later released.

A statement from Riwal for Vertikal.net said: "Our external transporter in the Montceau region went to a construction site to pick up a telehandler. When loading the machine, the rear began to slip. This caused the machine to tip over and fall off the trailer. The driver hit his head against the side window during the fall. He was left with minor injuries and received stitches in the hospital. Fortunately, the driver is okay and was released from the hospital shortly afterward."

"In the coming period, we will be conducting research into what what exactly happened and how this was possible. If necessary, we offer our (external) employees extra training to prevent these types of incidents in the future."


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