350 TM 12s for Boels

Dutch international rental group Boels has purchased 354 12ft Snorkel TM12 mast lifts for delivery across its 18 Boels and Cramo business operations.

The deal was negotiated in March by Snorkel’s Andrew Fishburn with deliveries from Snorkel’s facility in the UK now begun.
The first units are heading to Cramo branches in the Nordic region

The units will all be painted Boels orange and delivered ‘rental ready' with locations initially focused on Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, and the Netherlands. Boels chose the TM12 for its outdoor rating as well as the dual coat powder paint finish. The TM12 offers a 5.6 metre working height, a platform capacity of 227kg, and weighs just 830kg. Overall width is 760mm, allowing it to pass easily through standard doorways and ride smaller passenger elevators/lifts. A 500mm roll-out deck extension and non-marking tyres are standard.
The deal requires all units to be decaled up, inspected and ready to go straight into the fleet

The TM12, one of the very first self-propelled mast lifts to hit the market, was developed in California by UpRight on the back of a substantial order from a major Japanese rental company. The international version was then unveiled at the ARA in 1994. While it has been repeatedly refined, upgraded and improved over the years, it looks remarkably similar to the original product and has managed to retain a significant market share in the face of numerous ‘look alike’ competitors.

Boels /Cramo operates across 18 European countries with 750 locations, employing a total of 7,500 people.


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