New name for Power-Lift Deutschland

German aerial lift sales company Power-Lift Deutschland has changed its name to Arbeitsbühnen-Zentrum Deutschland to match that of its long term parent company Hoogwerker Centrum NL.

At the same time the company, which is based in Erkrath, on the eastern edge of Dusseldorf, has been appointed as a service partner for the Italian aerial work platform manufacturer Imer. The two companies have worked together on an ad hoc basis for some time but now have an official arrangement and will share a stand at Platformers Days, in Karlsruhe next month. The distribution arrangement with Comet truck mounted lifts has not changed.

Hoogwerker Centrum owner, Wim van Beuzekom, said: "This change in the company name means that our German subsidiary based in Erkrath now reflects the name of the parent company."
Wim van Beuzekom of Hoogwerker Centrum (L) with Hartmut Bollenhoff of Power-Lift/ Arbeitsbühnen-Zentrum Deutschland

Hoogwerker Centrum acquired Power-Lift - a dealer for Snorkel, Oil&Steel and Palazzani - in 2011 from previous owner Holger Johan, adding Deutschland to the corporate title at that time - see: Beuzekom acquires Power-Lift. Today the company is managed by Hartmut Bollenhoff.


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