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Cadman converts to HVO

UK rental company Cadman Cranes has stated that 50 percent of its fleet now runs on Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuels with the remaining half of the fleet to be converted by the end of the year. The news comes on the back of Liebherr’s decision to offer HVO fuels for its mobile and crawler cranes – see: Liebherr to switch to pure HVO.

Manufactured mainly from vegetable and waste fats and vegetable oils from the food industry, HVO is said to offer a more environmentally and sustainable friendly fuel alternative to diesel. Over the past 12 months, Cadman says that it has produced on average 645 tonnes of CO2 - of which 519 tonnes has come from the use of red diesel for its fleet of cranes. As well as reducing its carbon footprint drop by 72 percent, the company says that it has managed the switch without changes to its infrastructure or any capital expenditure. Other benefits include being 100 biodegradable, being able to mix with existing diesel and offering a storage life of up to 10 years.
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Half of the Cadman fleet now runs of HVO fuel

Managing director, Matt Waddingham, said: “We are a mobile crane company, and we can’t avoid taking these big vehicles on the road. But we can do it in the most responsible way possible by investing in the huge advances in green technology that exist right now. The introduction of HVO to 50 percent of our crane fleet will mean an immediate reduction in CO2 of 230 tonnes a year and our planned move to 100 percent HVO will see our carbon footprint drop by 72 percent overall. This is on top of greatly improved air quality caused by a substantial reduction in nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. The benefits of a switch to HVO are undeniable and for Cadman Cranes it is a vital first step on our journey to net zero carbon.”

Established in 2005, Cadman Cranes is part of the UK based Milbank investment group. It runs a fleet of All Terrain, crawler and truck cranes with capacities ranging from seven to 180 tonnes from its location in Colchester, Essex. Last month, the company took delivery of its fourth Liebherr LTM 1060 All Terrain crane in five years.