AC 45 for KVS

German crane rental company KVS Michael Mross has taken delivery of a 45 tonne Demag AC 45 City All Terrain crane.

The AC 45 features a 31.2 metre main boom plus a 7.1 to 13 metre offsettable extension for a maximum tip height of 45 metres. The compact crane has an overall length of 8.69 metres and an overall width of 2.55 metres. Its IC-1 Plus control and Flex Base systems can also automatically monitor the position of each outrigger in order to calculate the best available load chart for the actual configurations set.
KVS Michael Mross taking delivery of its new Demag AC 45 City All Terrain crane

Operations director Axel Schmid said: “We knew when the launch of the AC 45 City was announced that it would pretty much be a sure bet – after all, we’d had nothing but good experiences with its predecessor, the AC 40 City. We have a lot of indoor projects that require for us to move heavy machinery, and that means we needed an extremely compact and powerful crane. The answer was the AC 45 City. Flex Base really is an incredible invention that makes it possible to make optimum use of the crane’s large lifting capacities even when there isn’t much space to work with.”
(L-R) Holger Weichelt, Stefan Muntschick and Axel Schmid of KVS with Uwe Degenhardt of Tadano

Established in 1990, KVS offers a fleet of All Terrain, crawler and spider cranes alongside a fleet of forklifts and loader cranes from its location in Dresden. The company also offers heavy transport and haulage services.


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