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New Link-Belt truck crane

Link Belt will launch a new 120 ton/110 tonne four axle truck crane this autumn/fall with the introduction of the 120|HT.
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The new Link-Belt 120HT

The all new crane, which is expected to take over from the current HTC HTC-86110, features an all new air suspension system, which is said to provide an ultra smooth top road speed of 62mph/100kph. The suspension and braking system is a result of a two year collaborative design process with suspension manufacturer Hendrickson, which incorporates air disc brakes which are said to improve brake performance and reduce maintenance time. Power comes from a fuel efficient Cummins X12 EPA 2021 compliant diesel. Overall width is 2.59 metres and overall length just over 14 metres. The carrier cab is a large single, with all new styling and additional comforts.
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The new drive train and suspension system

The new crane features a six section 50 metre pin and latch main boom and a bi-fold 10.7 to 17.7 metre swingaway extension, with a short 2.9 metre heavy duty extension. Two 4.9 extensions are also available taking the maximum tip height to just under 80 metres. All of the extension can offset by up to 45 degrees. The maximum counterweight is 22,271kg, of which 7,257kg can be carried on board without trailing the boom. A wireless rigging remote controller can be used to set the outriggers, operate the boom elevation, and winches make setup quicker and easier.
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A new operator’s cab has a wider entry door, with a large glazed area to provide improved visibility, large wipers on the front and top, plus strategically placed vents for fast acting defrost and demisting. Convenience features include USB and 12 volt power outlets and increased storage with improved interior lighting. Crane functions are relayed through the 10 inch Pulse 2.0 display touch screen with intuitive, adaptable features and controls. The system also includes Link-Belt’s ‘Smart Stack’ counterweight detection system.

Production units are due to start shipping towards the end of the year.


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