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France's first Spierings eLift cranes

French crane and access rental group Mediaco has ordered the first three zero-emission/hybrid Spierings eLift self-erecting mobile tower cranes in the country.

The order comprises two units of its four axle, seven tonne SK597-AT4 eLifts, plus a six axle, 10 tonne SK1265-AT6 eLift. The SK597-AT4 features a 48 metre jib which can be luffed up to 45 degrees to offer a maximum hook height of 58.1 metres with a 1,700kg capacity. The larger SK1265-AT6 can lift 1,700kg at a radius of 60 metres and to a maximum height of 66.2 metres with the jib luffed 30 degrees.

Both models can operate on AC power sources from 16 to 32 amps, with its lithium-ion battery pack topping up any shortfall to ensure the crane operates at full speed and capacity. In the case where grid connection is not available, the crane can also work in a 'hybrid mode' combining its batteries with a small three cylinder Stage V diesel engine. An auto start/stop function for the hydraulic pumps also helps reduce energy consumption when the crane is not operating for sustained periods.
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(L-R) Leo Spierings and Alexandre Vernazza of Mediaco with Koos Spierings and David Colombat of Spierings seal the deal at JDL in France

Mediaco president Alexandre Vernazza, said: “We have a large fleet of mobile tower cranes, with more than 35 units in France. I have been in contact with Spierings for several years and been won over by the innovations they present. This new “eLift” Zero emission lifting offer corresponds to the ecological commitments of the Mediaco Group and to the needs of our customers, who are increasingly attentive to CO2 reductions on their sites. The lifting capacities of these cranes are interesting and will complement our current lifting proposals ”
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the SK1265-AT6 eLift

Spierings chief executive Koos Spierings, added : “It is an honour for Spierings to offer the best of our cranes to Mediaco and we are happy that they have taken the first eLift models delivered in France. These zero-emission models are a real success on the European market, in less than two years, they now represent almost all of our orders. The partnership agreement with the Mediaco Group confirms the investment in the presence of Spierings cranes on the French market

Spierings began shipping the eLift models in December - see: Spierings ships new eLift cranes. Mediaco's SK597-AT4s are scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2022, while the SK1265-AT6 is due to be delivered in early 2023.