JLG 670SJ self-leveling in production

After years of development, the 67ft JLG 670SJ self-leveling boom lift has finally reached the production stage.

Launched in its most recent format at Conexpo last March, the machine demonstrated has now gone into production, largely unchanged although initially it will only be available in North America. In addition to its dynamic leveling on the move, the new model offers a working height of 22.3 metres, a maximum outreach of 17.5 metres with the unrestricted platform capacity of 250kg, or just over 15 metres with the 340kg maximum capacity.
The new JLG 670SJ self-leveling boom lift

Overall width is 2.5 metres, with an overall length of 10.7 metres and a height of up to 2.77 metres, which can be lowered to 2.22 metres for transport. Ground clearance is 330mm and the machine has an all up weight of 11.5 tonnes. The new model incorporates a patented dynamic self-leveling technology that automatically adapts to slopes of up to 10 degrees in any direction while driving at full height. Each wheel is mounted on an independent control arm, constantly adjusted by hydraulic cylinders that keep the base machine level. It also has two other operating modes, one to allow manual leveling and another to lower the overall height for travel on steeper slopes and transport.

The ‘advanced control system’ continuously receives data from a range of sensors and displays the information on a digital screen in the platform, allowing the operator to see what is going on at ground level while they are at height.

Nate Hoover of JLG said: “Advanced doesn’t mean complex when it comes to the 670SJ. While we’ve upgraded the display, the controls are similar to standard JLG booms, minimising the learning curve.”

To see a more interactive view of the new machine click here.

Vertikal Comment

This is the culmination of more than five year’s work, with the first concept shown at Conexpo 2017. The design has changed substantially since then, not least of which include the move to independent wheel suspension. It will be interesting to see how well it goes, and if and when it makes it to Europe.

The key factor will be price and complexity over rental rate. Will contractors like it enough to pay what might be considerably more. Many rental companies are likely to choose lower prices and simplicity, rather than trying to sell the concept to contractors who are constantly pushing for lower rates.

Regardless of this it is good to see this concept finally make it into production. And nice to see truly innovative new concept make it into the market.


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