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First new crane for Grube

German steel erection company Grube & Steffien Hallen und Stahlbau has taken delivery of its first new crane, a 40 tonne Tadano HK 40.

The four axle HK 40 features a 35.2 metre main boom plus a nine metre swingaway extension to provide a maximum tip height of 47.5 metres and a maximum radius of 40 metres. The company said an important feature that makes the crane ideal for steel work is its ability to handle up to 7.6 tonne on a full boom with only four tonnes of counterweight.
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Grube takes delivery of its first new crane - the Tadano HK 40

Managing director Sven Steffien, said: “The crane can be put on the road with a four tonne counterweight without the need for a permit, and that’s precisely the kind of the flexibility we need. The HK 40 is a proven model with well-engineered technology that is renowned for its reliability, and we need a crane that is both robust and stable. We haven’t come across any other manufacturer that can offer this like Tadano.”
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(L-R) Olaf Schulz, Stefan Nitz, Karsten Steffien, Sven Steffien of Grube & Steffien with Uwe Degenhardt of Tadano

Founded in 1993 as Grube & Scholübbers Stahlhallenbau, the company changed to Grube & Steffien Hallen- und Stahlbau in 2012 after Sven Steffien, son of the then managing partner, joined the company. The company now specialises in manufacturing and erecting steel halls and construction, roof and wall systems, as well as commercial and residential glazing.


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