220t Tadano for Fricke-Schmidbauer

German crane rental company Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast has taken delivery of a new 220 tonne Tadano ATF-220-5.1 All Terrain crane.

The five axle crane has a 68 metre, seven section main boom plus an 18 metre bi-fold hydraulic luffing swingaway extension. It offers axle loads of 12 tonnes with its counterweight removed or as low as eight tonnes with its detachable boom removed. The new crane will be based at Fricke-Schmidbauer's branch in Hamburger and service the region around the port city.
The crane’s first job lifting 32 tonnes on full boom at 15 metres radius

The new crane went straight to work at a local power plant lifting a 32 tonne boiler cover on its fully extended main boom at a radius of 15 metres.

Technical manager Mitja Schimek said: "We are convinced of the Tadano technology. From many years of experience, we know about the quality and cost effectiveness of the machines. We purchased the crane for the Hamburg area, an industrial and conurbation area with a high demand for short operations, often in confined conditions. Accordingly, we needed a compact high speed crane. The Tadano 220 tonner meets this requirement profile very well."

Based in Braunschweig, Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast is part of the Schmidbauer group of companies.


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