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Electric Maeda crawler

Maeda has unveiled a fully electric six tonne CC1485 mini crawler crane prototype.

The company partnered with Deutz to replace the CC1485's diesel engine with a 360v/40kW lithium-ion battery pack. As with the standard model, the crane features a 18.5 metre boom and can be supplied with a five metre hydraulic jib, a two tonne searcher hook or a 1.5 tonne single fall hook. We will provide details on the battery performance and charging capabilities as soon as we are able.

Joining the company’s all electric MC285CB-3 and MC305CB-3 spider cranes, the CC1485 is the first mini crawler crane to be battery powered. Maeda plans to show the new crane at bauma next year, while full production is expected to begin in 2023.
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The all electric CC14585 was unveiled at the Deutz Days event

Maeda general manager Tomiaki Habasaki, said: “Maeda has already been in the electrified vehicle market with its small ‘spider-crane’ in Europe. We experience a strong pick-up in demand from our customers for environmentally friendly products. In order to electrify our crawler crane we decided on a joint development with Deutz as it is known for its proven technology and experience in electrified drive trains for off highway equipment.”

Deutz has said it is ‘accelerating the transition to sustainable drive systems’, which will not only include electric drives and batteries but also hydrogen powered engines.

Deutz chief technology officer, Markus Müller, added: “Environmentally friendly construction sites are now a reality, not a distant dream. We are delighted to be here with Maeda today to present the prototypes for an electric construction site vehicle. The CC 1485 is already fully functional. Our electric drive is quiet, efficient and emission free, even when used on a building site.”