Klubb fire platforms for Île-de-France

French vehicle mounted lift supplier Klubb has won a contract to supply the fire and rescue departments of the two largest départements around Paris - Seine et Marne and Yvelines – with its new 33 metre EGI Meteor 330 fire fighting and rescue platform. In addition, it has secured a three year contract to maintain the machines.

The Meteor 330 is mounted on a two axle chassis and has a maximum outreach of 25 metres with a 500kg platform capacity. It can also reach up eight metres below ground level. It is equipped to intervene in any type of fire with motorised water cannon, rescue gangway, special lighting and water curtain protection, etc. The platform has also been designed to facilitate the rescue of disabled or injured people including those on stretchers.
The Meteor 330

The two departments have 110 fire stations between them which manage more than 200,000 operations per year. The group chose Klubb, partly on technical feature grounds, but also on the resources it has in the region to efficiently carry out the maintenance and repairs.
Klubb chief executive Julien Bourrellis said: "We are proud to have won this prestigious contract and we thank our new clients for the confidence they have placed in us. This new success confirms the positioning of Klubb as a key player in the aerial platform market for firefighting services.”
The Meteor 330 is as adept at fighting fires as rescuing people

Klubb has moved into this market sector with the acquisition the Comilev and EGI businesses in 2016 and 2018 respectively. It has since sold fire and rescue platforms to a number of countries, including Australia, Canada and Kenya as well as France.


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