JLG Quad Tracks

JLG has launched a new four track option for its 600S and 660SJ - 60 and 66ft telescopic boom lifts. The company plans to offer the option on further models in the future. It will also be retrofittable to some two wheel steer models.
A JLG 660SJ with the Quad Track option installed

The JLG Quad Track option - which will initially only be available on ANSI specification machines - uses four low profile 457mm wide triangular rubber track systems, each of which is 834mm high by 1.37 metres long and feature four lower rollers. They bolt directly onto the standard machines wheel hubs allowing easy conversions to take place. With tracks installed the machines are better able handle a range of challenging or regular terrain.
The rubber tracks have been designed to provide smooth travel over obstacles and slope transitions

Boom lift marketing manager Randi McClure said: “There are many considerations when selecting a boom lift for the work at hand. This can sometimes make it challenging to choose between tires or tracks. When this happens, Quad Tracks offer an alternative solution: The ability to convert a normal, wheeled JLG boom lift into a highly capable, tracked machine. This allows operators to cover a wide range of applications on multiple job sites with one machine and offers fleet managers the ability to switch between continuous tracks and traditional wheels as needed.”

Vertikal Comment

JLG already offers a tracked version of the 600S and 660SJ, but the Quad Track offers the advantage to switch back and forth between tracks and tyres for maximum versatility and utilisation. The four track feature is also becoming increasingly popular with both Genie and Snorkel already offering the option.


Safer and more operator friendly than single track systems; plus great to see a retro fit capability.

Jan 26, 2022

Gerard Jennings
Would be a great addition to the 670SJ self leveller.

Jan 24, 2022
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