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Record year for Bravi

Italian low level aerial lift manufacturer Bravi, has reported record revenues for 2021.

The company says that revenues increased 70 percent over 2020 but does not disclose any actual numbers. Comparisons with 2020 can, of course, be distorted given the pandemic lockdowns etc. but Bravi actually maintained its revenues in 2020, thanks to a strong second half.

It has also come into 2022 with an order book two and half times greater than this time last year, which is encouraging the company to invest in additional capacity at its production facility. The growth has come largely from a jump in sales of the Leonardo HD model which almost doubled in the year, plus a 26 percent increase in sales of its stock picker models. All of which has led the company to forecast a further 50 percent increase in sales for this year.
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Sales of Bravi’s Leonardo HD doubled in 2021

Chief executive Pierino Bravi said: “We need to invest today in order to support the growth that will take place not only in 2022, but mostly in the forthcoming years. The positive feedbacks we constantly receive from our customers make us very confident on the impact that our range of products can generate on the market during the next years, and to better consolidate this conscious expansion, for 2022 Bravi has already planned investments up to €1 million.”

Vertikal Comment

It hard to make any meaningful comment when you have no real numbers to go on. However, the results do suggest that the business has been gaining momentum over the past 12 months, given that it was only 40 percent up at the halfway point of 2021. And with such a strong order book things really do look promising.

This latest factory expansion will be the second in recent years. Given the success of the previous one, which helped make the 2021 result possible and its growing geographic spread, we would expect Bravi to meet and most likely beat its forecasts comfortably.