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Seven Liebherr RTs for Mexico

Mexican crane and heavy haulage company ESEASA has expanded its fleet with seven new Liebherr LRTs Rough Terrain cranes - five LRT 1090-2.1 cranes and two LRT 1100-2.1 - which will primarily be used in the new DOS BOCAS refinery in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, where the company has been contracted to erect a 178 metre tower.
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One of the LRT 1090-2.1

The LRT 1090-2.1 features a 47 metre main boom, while the LRT 1100-2.1 is 50 metres. Both feature a 10.5 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension with up to 40 degrees of offset and come standard with the Liebherr’s VarioBase automatically variable outrigger base and wide tilting cab. Liebherr launched its new Rough Terrain cranes in 2017 See: Liebherr confirms LRTs
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The formal handover

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Aldo Santos of ESEASA (L) takes the big key from Christian Tableros of Liebherr Mexico

Until now the company’s fleet of 250 cranes has mostly been made up of large mobiles along with lattice and telescopic crawlers. It includes a number of 1,200 tonne LTM 11200-9.1 All Terrains and LTR 11200 telescopic crawlers and Liebherr’s largest lattice crawler crane the 3,000 tonne LR 13000.

ESEASA has also ordered a retrofit for its 1,1350 tonne LR 11350, which allows the boom to be extended to 228 metres.
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The LR 11350

Operations director Aldo Santos said: “The technology and easy operation of Liebherr cranes are key for our company. The versatility of LRT cranes makes them the perfect choice for our jobs. And the high resale value was another factor which led to us choosing Liebherr.”

“Retrofitting our LR 11350 once again demonstrated the excellent support that Liebherr provides. The combination of our 114 metre main boom with a luffing jib extended from 84 to 114 metres will enable us to assemble a complete boom with a length of 228 metres. We intend to use this to erect a 178 metre tower at the DOS BOCAS refinery.”

ESEASA employs around 500 and is based in Mexico City and mainly works in the energy sector, both wind power and oil & gas and is specialised in engineering, logistics and crane assembly for large projects in Central America and the USA.