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Bid for Beatrice

UK rental company Hire Safe Solutions is to sell Beatrice the pink boom lift at an auction at Vertikal Days this May. With ALL proceeds going to charity.

The company took delivery of the special 45ft Genie Z45/25RT articulated boom lift at the end of 2016 See: Pink Boom for Charity. Please register to see all images

Beatrice in 2016

Since then, it has gone on to earn £54,530 for the two charities - Cancer Research UK and BBC Children in Need. Now it is to be sold with the 100 percent of the proceeds going to the charities.
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Beatrice today

If you are interested, you can send a bid in advance to [email protected] the highest offer will be confirmed with the sender and then used as the reserve for live bids at the event. You are most welcome to put in a low and high bid, with the low bid being used if it is the highest, the high if not.

You will be informed in advance of the event if one of your bids is the highest and thus goes forward to the show.

The Vertikal Press will also commit to adding at least two percent to the winning bid, in order to increase the amount going to the two charities.
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