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Dino telematics

Finnish aerial lift manufacturer Dinolift has launched a new telematics system for its machines, based on Trackunit hardware and software dubbed ‘MyDINO’.

Available on a mobile phone app or other device, in addition to the desktop version, the system is designed for the end platform user or operator, as the owner for the usual fleet management and technical applications.

MyDINO does all the usual things, such as track location, set geofencing while monitoring transfers between rentals, performance data, trouble shooting and error code alerts, but also offers additional preventive maintenance planning tasks, monitors overloads, outrigger settings, and even estimates CO2 emissions through engine rpm and usage. It can also warn if any recalibration is required.
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The new system is available now on all new Dino work platforms and will be a standard feature on all deliveries from the new year. It will also be possible to retrofit to most older Dinolift models.

Project manager Jouni Ylitalo said: “MyDINO platform is a huge possibility for Dinolift to deepen the relationship with our customers and to better support everyone throughout the lifetime of the lift."

For more information on the new system commercial manager Teemu Ristelä introduces the new programme in the following video