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New Liebherr transhipment crane

Liebherr has launched an all-new all-electric 105 tonne transhipment crane, the CBG 500 E.
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The transhipment crane in action in grab mode

The new crane uses electric motors for all key functions including boom luffing, hoist winch and slew. It also incorporates Liebherr's LiCaTronic energy recovery system to top up the battery pack/power storage unit.
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All hoists feature fast powerful electric drive motors

The crane features a 50 metre boom, and can handle 105 tonnes on a hook, or 90 tonnes with the bulk grab attachment, with a transfer performance of 2,000 tonnes of bulk product per hour.

The crane includes a new 10 square metre cab which can be elevated to the top of the mast, for an ideal view of the load. The crane operator is assisted by the new, integrated ‘Master V’ crane control system. Additional counterweight is available for specific barge mountings.
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The following video shows the crane and clearly demonstrates its intended application.