MacGregor cranes for Van Oord

MacGregor is to supply two auxiliary offshore telescopic cranes for Van Oord’s new generation wind turbine installation vessel - UV Boreas - which will work on European wind farms. Production began in July with delivery scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

The two MacGregor cranes will be used for cargo and load handling during the installation of wind turbines in the offshore environment and are equipped with an anti-collision system.

The 175 metre vessel is the largest of its type so far and was designed by Danish Naval Architect Knud Hansen and is a new generation of wind turbine installation vessel, purpose-built for the transport and installation of foundations and turbines for offshore wind farms. The vessel has a width of 63 metres, with a moulded depth of 13.2 metres and can accommodate 135 people on board.
The main crane has a capacity of more than 3,000 tonnes. The vessel has an advanced jacking system with 126 metre long legs, which allow the vessel to be jacked up and work in waters up to 70 metres deep. In order to keep emissions to the minimum it is powered by five methanol dual power engines which are equipped with an advanced active emissions control technology to reduce the NOx emission to an absolute minimum. A 5,000 kWh battery pack can is designed to take the peak loads and regenerate energy to reduce the fuel consumption emissions still further. The vessel is being built by Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore in Shandong, China.

Sun Shiyan of Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard said: “MacGregor is our preferred choice of offshore crane supplier based on our strong relationship and positive collaboration experiences on the previous projects. These offshore telescopic cranes are customized according to the ship owner’s requirements, with high lifting performance and long outreach but very compact and robust design to meet the stringent offshore requirements. We are confident that MacGregor will take special care to ensure the highest standards in quality control and the on-time delivery to our project.”

Jan Erik Pedersen of MacGregor added: "MacGregor is delighted to have been selected to supply deck handling solutions to Van Oord’s WTIV. Our involvement at an early stage in this project, combined with our extensive experience in turnkey supply, enables us to provide reliable and efficient solutions.”


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