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Arnold Gardemann 1949-2022

We have only just learnt of the sad death of one of the pioneers of the German powered access rental market, Arnold Gardemann.

The long time managing director of Gardemann Arbeitsbühnen passed away on May 19th at the age of 72.
Arnold Gardemann played the major role in converting the Alpen, North Rhine Westphalia-based Gardemann industrial painting company into a leading national player in the self-propelled and truck mounted aerial lift market.

He set high standards for quality and sustainability well before it became a thing, while putting safety at the forefront. In 2001 Gardemann became the first company in the world to purchase the first ever 100 metre aerial work platform - the Ruthmann TTS1000 - sensing the potential for higher truck mounted lifts.
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Arnold Gardemann

After selling his business Arnold agreed to be a judge in the annual Vertikal Check that we used to organise at Platformers Days from 2002 onwards, which checked the specifications of a different machine type and size each year against the performance claimed in the manufacturer’s specifications. Each judge would then highlight what they liked and disliked about each machine entered and the judging panel would discuss and choose a ‘best of breed’. The organiser Rüdiger Kopf who is also chief editor of Kran & Bühne magazine said: "I was able to get to know and appreciate him there. He combined his specialist knowledge with his wit and charm.”
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Arnold Gardemann inspecting a truck mount as part of the 2005 Vertikal Check

In addition to his work platform experience, Gardemann openly indulged in another passion, his love for Ferrari cars. For many years he was president of the German Ferrari Club. He leaves behind his wife Klara, sons Andreas and Thomas, three grandchildren and brother Hubert.

The Gardemann business was acquired by Brambles sometime around 2001 and was then subject of management buy in in 2002 when Maarten Mijnlieff and Christian van Eeden purchased the business. In 2016, UK based Lavendon acquired the company and merged it with its fledging German operations. Then in 2017, after Lavendon was acquired by Loxam, the Gardemann business was sold to TVH which merged it with its Mateco operations in German bringing together the two leading rental companies of the early powered access market in Germany.

We will aim to update this brief tribute to a true powered access pioneer in the coming days.