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More Böckers for Hüffermann

German crane rental company Hüffermann Krandienst has taken delivery of two new 2.4 tonne Böcker AHK 36 trailer cranes.

The new cranes join an existing Böcker fleet of five AHK 30/1500 KS trailer cranes. The AHK 36 features a three section main boom and three section upper boom/luffing jib for a maximum tip height of 35 metres, at which it can handle 250kg. It can also lift its 2.4 tonnes maximum capacity at a height of 14 metres or at a radius of 4.5 metres and take 100kg out to more than 27 metres radius.
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The hand over

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(L-R) Christoph Deuter of Böcker with Christian Bollien and Daniel Janssen of Hüffermann and Heiner Lüschen of Böcker

The crane is mounted on a two axle trailer with a maximum all-up weight of under 3.5 tonnes, a self-propelled drive allows it to me moved easily around site. The Multiflex variable outrigger set up has more than 256 different usable settings, auto levelling and automatic stow. While a host of other features include a hook camera and new remote controller.
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The new remotes

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Managing partner Daniel Janssen said: "We are convinced of the quality and reliability of the cranes made by Böcker. The two new additions will not be the last ones for us. Already for 2023, five more trailer cranes have been ordered for our rental customers all over Europe."

Established in 1913, Hüffermann is based in Wildeshausen, south west of Bremen and runs a large fleet of mobile and crawler cranes with capacities up to 1,000 tonnes alongside a fleet of truck mounted platforms, scissor lifts and boom lifts, as well as a fleet of heavy transport and haulage vehicles in all totalling more than 1,100 units. Earlier this year it acquired crane and heavy transport provider Thömen Kranarbeiten und Schwertransporte