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Haulotte sustainable packaging initiative

French aerial lift manufacturer Haulotte has announced a new more sustainable parts packaging initiative.

The three point plan involves using recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging, with all European shipments of less than 30 kilos. The new packaging uses raw cardboard made from FSC certified forests. Most of the marking and printing will also be eliminated to encourage the recipient to reuse boxes for onward shipments and other uses. The marking that remains will use water based inks, while adhesive strips securing the cartons are made of paper, to facilitate recycling.
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New packaging

Secondly Haulotte is implementing a programme for the systematic reuse of all incoming packaging, including cardboard boxes and packing paper.

Thirdly all plastic based packing material used to protect parts have been replaced by 100 percent recyclable paper and cardboard elements. Where this is not possible, the packaging will be made from bio-sourced plastics.

The company says that it is also reviewing all shipment methods in order to reduce the carbon footprint, this will include, consolidated deliveries to its eight parts hubs, while adapting shipping cartons to the size and shape of the spare parts.
For example, a set of guardrails has until now used a large box and a full pallet. A new box made to the exact dimensions of the guardrails has reduced the shipping volume and eliminated the pallet, thus taking up less space on a cargo plane. Other changes include eliminating as much plastic strapping as possible.
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Guardrail package – before and after

The company said: “Meeting the environmental challenges related to the supply chain is no easy task. While the carbon footprint of a spare part can’t be eliminated, improvements can be made in its storage and transit. With this in mind, our Supply Chain department for spare parts, led by worldwide service supply chain manager Guillaume Mercier and his team, have been working on a number of process improvements in order to reduce as much as possible the pollution factors upstream and downstream, without reducing the efficiency of shipments and the performance of the packaging.”

The plan is to have all current initiatives full implemented by next July.