Refurbished 180 tonner for F&H

German rental company F&H has taken delivery of a factory refurbished 180 tonne Tadano ATF 180G-5.

Managing director Frank Menko said: “We’ve had a 220 tonne Tadano hard at work for a long time now, and we’ve always been able to depend on it and have had nothing but good experience with it. That’s why deciding on this used 180 tonner was so easy, especially as we knew that it had undergone a thorough overhaul in the Lauf factory and was accordingly in perfect condition.”

“In fact, we also use it as a smaller crane without a counterweight for many of its projects. And if you’re wondering why we chose it over a smaller crane, the answer is that getting this Tadano machine second hand came with a tremendous price advantage.”

F&H will use the new crane predominantly for concrete assembly projects. The company is based in Georgenthal, Thuringia, in central Germany and offers a range of cranes, along with heaving haulage and rigging services.