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Mammoet SK6000 all electric

Mammoet says that it is starting to build its long talked about 6,000 tonne SK6000 ring crane, with components due to start arriving shortly at the company’s Netherland facility in preparation for delivery in 2024.

It has also stated that the new crane will be all electric, claiming that it will be the world’s largest land based electric zero emissions crane – assuming of course that a decent power supply is available.
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The company announced the project in 2020 and last year flagged that it was adding a new fixed jib. See: A larger SK from Mammoet and fixed jib option for SK6000.
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Today’s announcement appears mostly aimed at keeping the concept in the minds, of potential clients, and gaining publicity than anything really new. One assumes that the new crane will be equipped with electric drive motors for the hoists, slew and other functions, and perhaps fitted with a backup battery supply so that it can be truly all electric. Perhaps solar panels to generate some of its own power? None of which is that challenging on such big static cranes.

We look forward to seeing the real thing, rather than more artist’s impressions. It will certainly be an impressive piece of kit and a wonder to behold.