New fixed jib for Mammoet SK6000

Mammoet has announced a fixed jib configuration for its 6,000 tonne SK6000 that is intended to assist offshore wind developers to efficiently build and install larger turbines and foundations in deeper waters.

In its new configuration the crane has a 3,000 tonne capacity on its 220 metre boom and jib. See ‘Larger SK from Mammoet’ for more details on the SK development
The new 220m fixed jib configuration

The new configuration is aimed at servicing the rapid increase in fixed bottom turbines and their foundations which can be built further from the coast where winds are stronger and yields are higher, as a result, jackets and monopiles are reaching both the height and capacity of the world’s largest cranes.

Mammoet technical expert Jeremy Haylock said: “We don’t look at the SK as ‘just’ a crane, but we look at it as a system, it has evolved considerably since it was first launched. The SK6000 fixed jib is just the latest evolution in a crane series that allows small adjustments to have a large effect on performance, avoiding the need to research, develop and fabricate an entirely new crane.”

“As with every part of the SK, when we developed the fixed jib, we wanted to include room for growth. With the SK6000 jib we are employing that additional capacity through small adjustments to the original design. The fixed jib is fully forward and backward compatible through the SK series, meaning our customers can realise its potential, regardless of the application.”


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