Don’t bother unloading

Spotted in Australia, a classic case of carrying out a quick job, and trying to save a few minutes. We have no idea where exactly or when this occurred.
We have seen many such examples of this over the years from all around the world, the delivery truck pulls up with a boom lift on the back and the customer says: “Leave her on board mate, no need to unload we can reach the job from there and it will hardly take 10 minutes.”

The delivery driver goes along with it on the basis that the machine is in balance, and it has the additional benefit of being chained down. Much depends of course on the trailer and its suspension. In this case it is completely lowered to reduce the flex.

It has to be said nine times out of 10 those that do this get away with it, as do most chancers, and they would possibly argue that loading and unloading such machines is the most dangerous part of the job. Statistically that is true, however when the trailer tilts and the chains break the result can easily be fatal, and if not, the damage done and possible law suits that follow simply make this short cut seem insane, at least in hindsight.

Should have hired a truck mount.

It has to go in the Death Wish series, if only on principle.

Have a safe weekend


I agree that this looks quite dodgy and would not have been so bad if the reach was only a few metres. I cringe every time I see a machine of any sort going up the ramps of a low loader as this must surely be the most risky part of any machinery transporting operations.

If I may I would like to ask your readers their opinion on chaining equipment as shown in the picture. I know this criss cross method has been used universally for generations so it must work, but how efficiently? In the above picture the nearest chain (on the ballast side) would be under about three times the strain than if it was pulling on the lug on the same side.
If it broke the chain on the boom side would actually be adding to the overturning force by pulling in the boom direction. Also when traveling do the chains not exert equal and apposing forces and therefore cancel each other out to some degree?

My own opinion is that it is more efficient to chain straight from the lug to the same side of the vehicle and better still use more than one lashings at each point.
Interested to hear others experience and opinions on this matter.

May 7, 2023