How long is your ladder?

Spotted by a regular reader of Vertikal in San Diego, California, a man working at a considerable height with ….. a ladder.

We have calculated that the ladder is around 15 metres give or take a metre - 50ft if you prefer. That is some ladder! The two men, or their employer, seem quite keen on ladders, having at least four of them in use on this the job. At least the ladder in question is being held in place by a colleague, although he seems more focused on our correspondent than the job at hand.

It looks as though the job is spray painting the façade, which involves a lot of leaning backwards to see the work, and this with a ladder already at a fairly steep angle.

It strikes us that a 21 to 23 metre truck mounted or spider lift could have been set up in one of the parking spots and reach the work in comfort for a faster, better quality job. The risks of working from ladders at any height, especially one this long and for extended periods, is well documented.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


Death Wish For Sure

May 20, 2023