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Liebherr STS trio for Hamburg

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik has purchased three large Liebherr dual trolley ship to shore container cranes for its Altenwerder container terminal in the Port of Hamburg.

The latest order follows the delivery of two STS cranes in 2015 and three in 2017 for the company’s Tollerort container terminal. The new cranes have a maximum capacity of 75 tonnes at the maximum forward outreach of 61 metres and a lift height of 53 metres. The gantry span is 35 metres and the back reach 24.5 metres.

Dual trolley efficiency
The new cranes have dual trolleys, the primary trolley handles container transfers between the ship and the land, while the secondary ‘portal trolley’ can simultaneously handle transfers from the crane to the automated guided vehicles, either below the gantry span or behind. The parallel operation decouples the landside and seaside operations, reducing wait times and significantly improving vessel turnaround times, thus enhancing safety and at the same time maximising productivity.

No cab
The cranes will mostly be operated through Liebherr's automation technology but can easily switch to remote control operation via the manufacturer’s ‘Remote Operator Station’, providing operators with the same level of control as an on-board operator, but in a remote office based environment. As a result the new cranes will have no cabs.

They are also designed to minimise energy consumption with energy regeneration and capture on both the primary and portal trolley hoist drives.
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One of the new cranes

Patrick Krawutschke, managing director of Container Terminal Altenwerder said: “From day one Container Terminal Altenwerder has set itself apart as an industry pioneer, leading the integration of the newest technology to optimise its operations sustainably. It is with great pleasure that we announce our enhanced collaboration with Liebherr, as we continue to leverage the latest advancements in technology and automation. The state of the art cranes will empower CTA to meet the demands of the future while optimising operations and enhance our overall performance, ultimately benefiting our customers.”

Gerry Bunyan, sales managing director at Liebherr Container Cranes added: "We are delighted to deepen our partnership with HHLA through the sale of these innovative dual trolley ship-to-shore container cranes. The combination of advanced automation, remote control capabilities and industry leading energy saving features, makes these cranes a perfect fit for HHLA's sustainability requirements. Together, we are shaping the future of port handling. This is the second order we have received for our dual trolley cranes, following an earlier order for Eurogate’s CTW terminal. This continued demand demonstrates the industry's appetite for European manufacturing and design, backed up by a local service.”
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A - Gantry span, B - Outreach, C - Back reach D - Lift height