Lucky escape

A man escaped serious injury after coming into contact with overhead power lines in Atlanta, Georgia, last week.

The incident occurred on Thursday in Lawrenceville on the north east side of Atlanta. A bystander called the emergency services after witnessing the incident in which the Skyjack boom touched the wires and appeared to catch fire.
The incident shortly after fire Crews arrived Photos courtesy of Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services

The local Fire department said: “Upon arrival, fire crews found a boom lift with obvious damage that was in contact with high powered powerlines but no active fire. Firefighters contacted the lift operator via cell phone to identify any injuries and any additional information about the lift. Fire crews found the lift was in contact with the powerlines confirming there was no power to lower it.”

“The firefighters contacted Georgia Power to secure the powerlines. Upon investigation of the scene, firefighters found damage to one of the apartment units from the power surge that ran down an extension cord to one of the outlets in the apartment. Fire crews ensured the apartment unit was clear of any fire and secured power to that unit. Once the powerlines were secured, firefighters utilised their aerial truck to raise the ladder with a bucket and extricate the operator from the lift.”

“Medical crews on the scene evaluated the lift operator who refused medical treatment. Firefighters turned the scene over to the apartment maintenance and Georgia Power to repair the powerline and lower the boom lift.”