Mobilift and System Lift open in Aachen

Mobilift’s new branch in Aachen has joined System Lift, the German access rental franchise association improving the association’s coverage of the Lower Rhine region.

Mobilift’s three other branches Koln-Pesch, Koln-Porz and Bergisch-Gladbach are already members of System Lift. The move adds around 60 machines to the System-Lift fleet, including five truck mounts, trailer lift, 17 boom lifts, and 34 scissor lifts.
Mobilift’s new depot in Aachen

Karl-Heinz Döring of Mobilift said: “We are pleased that we were able to seize the opportunity and open this new location. Of course, this not only opens up new perspectives for us and our customers, but also for the network as a whole.”

Christopher Friedrich of System Lift added: “We have been working very smoothly with Mobilift for years. The fact that we are expanding the network even further with the new Mobilift branch in Aachen, especially in the border area between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, is of course great.”

Mobilift is based in Cologne and operates from four locations, offering a wide range of aerial work platforms, forklifts and telehandlers.

System Lift has around 80 rental company members almost all of which operate fleets of aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Their combined aerial lift fleet exceeds 20,000 units across 135 locations in Germany and neighbouring countries.