On my shoulders

A reader has sent us a photo of two men caulking/painting the front of a new build home, reaching to heights of up to five metres, with no work at height equipment at all.

The solution? A small set of steps gives them a metre, add four paint containers, a plank and a saw horse and you have another half metre, add on a man’s reach of say two metres and you have three and half metres - still too low.

The solution? Get your mate to sit on your shoulders, walk up to the highest point of the plank, stretch and you are there!

We have no idea when or where these two clowns were working, although we have our suspicions, but our lips are sealed.

Needless to say, while this looks funny the chances of a slip, those plastic containers giving way or, or, or... and they are both going to end up in a tangle on the floor. And from this height the chances of a life changing injury are very high. But perhaps they are trained stunt doubles and can immediately go into a judo or Ukemi roll on landing - but I doubt it.

This one looked familiar, but we could not find it in our archive - so definitely one to add to the Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.