Shopping centre incident might not be platform related

A man was badly injured on Friday morning, in an incident at a shopping centre in Melbourne, Australia that has been blamed on an aerial work platform. Although this might not in fact be the case.

The incident occurred at the Chadstone Shopping Centre in Malvern East, details and reports are limited and conflicting. The involvement of the platform may have resulted from the local media jumping to the conclusion that a boom lift near the scene was definitely involved, coupled with an absence of any official facts.

Information we have received directly is also unusually conflicting, suggesting that the man, said to be in his 40s, was either struck by a falling object, or fell, but did not state how, or even IF the lift was directly involved.

The site project manager, infrastructure contractor John Holland has confirmed that a man was involved in an incident at the centre but would not give specific details, stating: “Our number one priority right now is the welfare of the worker involved. We are working with safety regulators to understand the circumstances of the incident.”

WorkSafe inspectors arrived on the scene late on Friday afternoon but, as far as we know have not issued any formal statement.

If anyone was directly involved with the site, or can clarify the situation for certain, we would be pleased to hear from you at [email protected].