Fatal loading incident

A man died in an incident that occured while he was loading a scissor lift in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, in Late August.

We learnt of the incident close to the time it happened, but have until recently been unable to confirm it beyond all reasonable doubt. The company Bella Access has so far not responded to our requests for information.

We now have enough information to confirm that the fatality did occur. The man, a delivery driver- we assume - was crushed between the scissor lift he was loading and a machine that had already been loaded. He was using a winch to take the lift up the ramp onto the trailer/or flat bed as per good practice and was walking alongside the scissor lift with the controller. All textbook stuff, we understand – but have not been able to confirm – that at some point while on the truck or trailer bed he placed himself between the lift he was controlling and the one already loaded, and either operated the controller in the wrong direction or the winch may have played a role?

This is without question a tragic incident and will have had a profound impact on the man’s family – naturally, but also the company and its employees, and in many cases their families too. As with most incidents there are lessons to be learn, and while people are trained to be wary of incidents like this, all it takes is a small lapse due to something happening, like something being in the way, and then this.

Our thoughts go out to the man's family, the company and its employees.