First new truck bed

UK based rental company Smiths Hire has purchased its first new generation DAF XD truck fitted with a new Sterling ‘access specification beavertail’. The first to be mounted on a DAF XD Chassis in the UK.

The truck bed designed specifically for aerial work platform loading and transport, includes the following features:

Decking: Gridlock decking is installed across the entire body and ramp in order to provide the maximum grip, particularly valuable with smooth tyres and wet conditions.

Lashing Rings: The body is equipped with 36 5T rated lashing rings for the maximum range of tie down options.

Ramps: The double flip ramps are full width eliminating the risk of narrow machines falling into the gap between standard ramps. The centre gate feature still allows a boom lift basket to stow behind the ramp.
Loading the equipment on to the truck

Mark Shale, head of fleet at Smiths said: “Smiths have an established long term relationship with Sterling. The design and build of its bodies are continuously evolving and they are not afraid to ask for customer feedback and even openly encourage requests for modifications to suit their individual business needs.”

Grant Owen of Sterling added: “Smiths’ investment in these new generation DAF XDs with Sterling bodies will undoubtedly enhance their operational capabilities and further solidify their reputation as a trusted partner.”

Based in Blackpool, Smiths offers a wide range of construction equipment, tools and aerial lifts from 16 locations across the northwest of England. It is also runs IPAF and PASMA training courses.
Beavertail makes for easy loading