Tadano to launch Japanese Evolt

Tadano will launch the new 25 tonne all electric Evolt eGR-250N Japanese style Rough Terrain crane in Japan later this week.
The new 25t Tadano Evolt eGR-250N

The new crane, which was announced at Conexpo in March, see: Tadano’s new All Electric RTS can handle its maximum capacity at 3.5 metres and features a four section 30.5 metre main boom which at full extension it can handle up to eight tonnes. It can be topped by an 8.2 to 13 metre telescopic solid wall swingaway extension with up to 60 degrees of offset, and a maximum tip height of 46.5 metres with a capacity of two tonnes. The maximum radius is 34 metres.

The crane has a maximum road speed of 30.5 mph (49kph) and can travel 25 miles (40km) and still have enough energy left for a typical five hour shift. The integrated regenerative braking system also helps boost the travel distance as it recharges the crane’s battery during braking. Alternatively, it work a typical 11 hour shift. The crane also offers dramatically reduced noise levels, both on the road and on site.

The drive function comes from two high output electric motors, providing greater acceleration and smooth running, with no jerky gear changes. A third motor drives the hydraulic pumps. The motors are fed by a 226KWh lithium-ion battery pack. The Evolt eGR-250N adopts the 200 volt CHAdeMO quick charge system for a 2.5 hour recharge time. It can also be operated while plugged in, where a site has an available outlet. Charging from a regular 200 volt outlet takes around takes eight hours from empty to full charge.

The new crane can also be equipped with Tadano’s Lift Visualizer option which uses a hook or boom nose mounted load monitoring camera, useful when working in blind spots such as rooftop work. The system works in conjunction with the crane’s AML control system, displaying information on work status, load moment etc…