Tree care fatality

A man has died after falling from a truck mounted platform while trimming trees in the village of Bronkhorst near Halle, east of Arnhem in the Netherlands on Tuesday last week.

The man, 44, fell from a height of around 20 metres, he was working alongside a mobile self-erecting tower crane, which was lowering the cut limbs to the ground.
The scene on Tuesday evening

A helicopter was called to airlift him to hospital, but never landed as he was declared dead at the scene. We have no details yet on what caused the man to fall. In this application it is typically cased by a falling limb striking the platform and catapulting the occupant out of the platform, and a lack of an attached harness.

Photos from the scene show some form of buckled structure on the platform, which suggests that this may have been the cause.
Something has clearly happened to the platform

A police spokesperson said that they are investigating the incident in partnership with the labour inspectorate.
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